Why Flip?

Flipped teaching provides students the opportunity to:
  • Learn new concepts at their own pace without the traditional classroom distractions
  • Apply their new knowledge and build their skill set while gaining immediate feedback from their teacher and peers
  • Analyze their level of understanding and correct misconceptions immediately
  • Take control of their own learning by evaluating their progress towards learning goals

Do you agree that flipped teaching could promote higher forms of cognitive work?

Traditional vs. Video Lecture:
In a traditional lecture, students often try to capture what is being said at the instant the speaker says it. They cannot stop to reflect upon what is being said and they may miss significant points of emphasis.

By contrast, the use of video and other prerecorded media puts lectures under the control of the students: they can watch, rewind, and fast-forward as needed. This ability may be of particular value to students with accessibility concerns.  Lectures can be viewed more than once, which may also help those for whom English is not their first language.

Would your students benefit from video lecture?

How would you reallocate class time to provide additional opportunities to apply, analyze, evaluate and create?