In my second year of flipped teaching I have noticed that:
  • students' assessment and overall course scores have increased
  • the number of missing assignments has decreased
  • students' quality of work, efficiency and organization has improved
  • students are more connected to the lessons and are more intrinsically motivated
  • absent students no longer fall behind (they can catch up on lessons at home)
  • students are less anxious about tests (they can re-watch lessons before the test)
  • communication between student and teacher has improved
  • paper usage has decreased
2013-2014 course grades as of December 5, 2013

Do your students struggle with missing assignments, quality of work, motivation, catching up when absent, test anxiety or test performance?

Do you think your students benefit from flipped teaching?  

Student survey results indicate that the majority of students believe that flipped learning has improved their learning:

How would your students respond if you changed to a flipped teaching style?

How would parents respond?  How would administration respond?