Screen Casting: Educreations
I use the Educreations iPad app to create my video lessons.  Other screencasting apps include ShowMe, ScreenChomp, ExplainEverything and Doceri.

I prepare each video by importing my Powerpoint slides into the Educreations app before recording.  I then record one slide at a time, pausing when I am finished with the slide and continuing the recording when I am ready for the next slide.  My screen casts are hosted on the Educreations website so I just share the video link with my students.  Students click the link to watch the video on the Educreations website or within the Educreations iPad app.  The videos are viewable from any iPad or computer.

Interactive Whiteboard: SMART Board & SMART Ink
I use a SMART board on a daily basis to review the last video lesson with my students.  Other interactive whiteboards include Promethean, eBeam, and Mimio.

I open the Powerpoint lesson on my PC computer and display it on the SMART board.  I use SMART Ink to write on top of the Powerpoint slides as I explain the concepts in class.

I also demonstrate the more difficult textbook questions on the SMART board during classwork time.  I can easily save my work as a PDF and post it to the course website at the end of class so students can access it at a later time.

Teacher Website: Edline
Teachers at Saint Francis High School host their class websites on Edline.  Other teacher website hosts include Google Sites, Weebly, TeacherWebYola, Webs, and School Rack.

I post the course green sheet, assignment sheet, assignment due dates, and video lesson links on my teacher website.  Students and parents (with login credentials) can access the website to view course content, access grades, and communicate with teachers.

Assignment Submitting, Grading & Returning: eBackpack
Teachers at Saint Francis High School use eBackpack to assign, collect and grade/annotate student work.  Other electronic document collection tools include Dropbox, Google Drive, Edmodo, Schoology, Haiku and Canvas.

I create a folder for each assignment in eBackpack.  Students complete the assignment either on paper or in Notability, then submit the assignment digitally to the eBackpack folder.
Students completing assignments on paper use the Genius Scan iPad app to scan and group pages together into a single PDF.

Handwriting, Typing & Annotating: Notability
Students use Notability to handwrite and/or type their notes and assignments.  Students can also write on top of a PDF, highlight text, insert pictures and record sound easily.

Do you have the minimal technology (iPad + screen casting app) needed to flip your classroom?

How would you send the videos to your students?

What incentive would you provide for students to watch the videos?